Teaching experience

Teaching is a passion of mine, and on top of “science communication”, I have also taught in classroom settings, listed below:

  • I was a Teaching Assistant for the UBC medical and dental 1st year Histology Lab. (Fall 2010 to Spring 2012)
  • I helped in presenting the virtual Histology demonstration for 120 junior/senior High School students that visited UBC as part of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation awards event.  We were able to give students hands on experience using the latest technology for digital anatomy and histology. I presented the brain, muscle and neuro-muscular communication using light and electron microscopic images. These students came from all over Canada, many from areas where students do not have access to the kind of facilities we do at the Life Sciences Institute (LSI).
  • For all the members of the HVEM lab, I have held a few tutorials for eye tracking, its principles and how to get started on programming with the system we have.

Project supervision and mentoring experience:

  • Within my first year as a Masters student at the human vision and eye movement laboratory, I trained 2 summer students with no previous research experience to do 2 different experiments. I supervised and helped them at every stage of the experiment: conception, execution, interpretation and initial drafts. Subsequently I have successfully trained 5 more summer students from various fields (medical students, undergraduate science majors, residents) in a similar way to complete experiments in different areas of eye movement research. These projects are in various stages of publication, review, or draft. I enjoy working in teams and am comfortable in a supervisory role.
  • I was an e-mentor to 2 high school girls in rural BC interested in pursuing a career in Neuroscience and Medicine respectively. Over the period of 8 weeks, we developed a good rapport and had in-depth conversations about various topics in Neuroscience and about the career options in this field. The first is now pursuing Science at UBC, while the second is finishing up high school.

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