Cool links

Why Neuroscience rocks:

Here are some thoughts (including mine) on why Neuroinfomatics – through INCF – is radically changing neuroscience data.

Learn about a patient with hemineglect.

What we know about how the brain falls in love?

Why do ordinary/good people do evil things?

This talk series is about different types of minds.

Creating a Rube Goldberg contraption:

The band OK GO made a music video based on Rube Goldberg contraptions. This is the TED talk about it, with the music video at the end.

Other links:

How can radical women change the world?

The national core of Neuroethics in Canada is at UBC and information about upcoming events and research can be found here.

I heard this awesome (but little known) band live in Amsterdam and I am now addicted to their songs.

If you like German rap, (which I do) this band is pretty neat!


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