Reasearch interests

I have worked on several different projects that have helped my curiosity and passion for the field of cognitive Neuroscience to grow. My current research mainly focuses on learning and memory mechanisms. Specifically, I am interested in neural correlates of encoding and recall of sensory, nonsense stimuli. The M4 project involves researching provocative claims about memory and I am very excited about working on these interesting ideas. I also really enjoy setting up collaborative projects, and have been a part of several. I believe team members bring different strengths, points of view/expertise to the table that helps the project grow, and enjoy working and learning with people.

I have previously worked on a diverse range of projects from reward and decision making, eye movements and contextual effects on them, simulating visual field defects and attentional disorders in healthy people to cognition in zebrafinches.

Details about individual projects are available in the drop down list under Research interests in the header above.


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