Viswanathan, J. (2013). Play your way to a better brain. INK Vol 2, Issue 2. Pg 11-13.

  • This article gives an overview of the gaming community in UBC and Vancouver as well as research that highlights how playing videogames can change the brain.

Viswanathan, J. (2013). My email thinks I’m a man… INK Vol 2, Issue 1. Pg 14-15.

  • This article is based on my interviews of successful women in Science as well as analysis of statistics and other data/research into the issues women in science face even today.

Viswanathan, J. (2012). Can I have a smart pill? INK Vol 1, Issue 1. Pg 16-17.

  • This article is based on my interview of the UBC student group – UBC life extension club – about the growing use of cognitive enhancers by the youth of today.

Viswanathan, J. (2011). Fresh perspective. SCWIST Newsletter (Jan), Pg 4-5.

  • In this article, I talk about my experience moving to Canada from India, with a focus on the gender differences in workplace culture/ethics.

Viswanathan, J. (2010). Fathoms below. Nucleo Vol 5. Pg 43-44.

  • This article is a science fiction short story that I wrote during my undergraduate degree, and is published in the department magazine at my undergraduate university.

Viswanathan, J. (2007). Neural regeneration. In Vivo Vol 3. Pg 50-51.

  • This article is an informal piece about adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

Viswanathan, J. (2006). Cancer cell anthem. Nucleo Vol 2. Pg 52.

  • This is a science-fiction poem that I wrote in my first year of undergraduate degree.

Viswanathan, J., Swaminathan, S. (2006). Adam or Eve in the garden of immunity? Nucleo Vol 2. Pg 7-8.

  • This is an article about gender differences in autoimmune disorders written in collaboration with a classmate during my undergraduate degree.

Viswanathan, J. (2006). The brain sponge. Nucleo Vol 2. Pg 10.

  • This is an article about prion diseases, and the migration of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) into humans.

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