Science communication

Explaining complex science and research to a lay audience (or knowledge translation as it is now referred to) has been a fascinating endeavor of mine. Currently, I am involved with InCOGnu (behind the scenes, since I am still learning French) and am their webmaster. InCOGnu is a student run organization in Toulouse that works towards bridging the gap between the scientific community and the public through conferences, workshops, and various other means.

I was the former Creative Director and editor for UBC’s student run journal (INK) of the College For Interdisciplinary Studies (CFIS) and was the chair of the perspective section from its inception upto December 2013. We started the perspective section with a specific goal:  to help set up a platform for discussing issues of today and bring together different perspectives. From discussions of the issues at hand, I hope to help initiate a dialogue between the experts and the community. With increasing globalization there are problems that require interdisciplinary and innovative thinking to develop multimodal solutions.  With awareness of the different perspectives on real world problems, readers get an opportunity to discuss and ideate on practical solutions – the perspective section aims to serve as a platform for this.

As the perspective chair, I had the opportunity to meet fascinating research and community leaders, members of different community groups and other bright people who are trying to make a difference. It was a wonderful and exciting adventure!

If you would like to help/ be a part of this wonderful team, or would like to contribute to the journal, feel free to contact us!

On a side note, I really enjoy writing, especially science fiction stories and some of my work has been published in magazines.

During my undergraduate degree, I worked for the Biotechnology department magazine Nucleo II as an editor. I have also written several articles with the goal of knowledge translation, a full listing of which can be accessed here.


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